Cyklus Center

Jonnya Thulstrup, Volstrupvej 105, 9870 Sindal

01.01.-31.12. Open

An adventurous experience awaits you when you stay at Cyklus Centers B&B.

You can choose from a double room inspired by
the Star constellation Lyren,

a single room inspired by the Star constellation Pegasus,

a three-bed room characterized by the Star constellation  Peacock

a four bed room with vibration from Andromeda.

To avoid food waste, you can order breakfast on the order list before 20.00.

Price: 60 DKK per person per night

Breakfast is enjoyed in our Café area between kl. 6.30 - 9.30

The key is handed in between 9.30 - kl. 10.00

You can see prices on our website:

Contact: Jonnya Idskov Thulstrup
Volstrupvej 105, 9870 Sindal, Denmark
Tel. +45 20 46 50 66

From  350 DKK per night 

Cyklus Center offers:
Single room: 350 DKK
Double room: 400 DKK
Family room: 800 DKK

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